REM International

Australian Freight Agency

REM International has been managing a diverse range of transport solutions for almost 20 years. With a global network of qualified staff REM-Int offers complete transport solutions no matter what needs to be shipped, transported or couriered. Unlike many companies our service doesn’t end at the dock or airport. When can arrange specialized transport and to deliver your goods straight to your warehouse, home, office or factory. There is no job to big and no task to complicated. We are here to deliver you outstanding service at a fair price.

Brake Bulk Cargo

If a shipping container or even part of it is to much for your needs Cargo-Transport offers “Brake Bulk Cargo” for items can or need to be shipped in a bag, barrel, box or pallet. We offer comprehensive shipping options that can clear your good through customs and deliver them to your door without you ever having to set foot on a dock or in an airport.

Airport to door

Rem-Int offers shipping from almost any airport in the world and can deliver them to your home, yard or warehouse in a fast and secure manner. Don’t waste your time trying to arrange logistics between different speciality transporters. Cargo-Trans can collect your goods, bring them to the nearest airport and have delivered straight to you faster and safer then anyone else in the market.

Cargo Insurance

Don’t risk the loosing out on poorly insured transport companies. The story is nothing new but still in 2017 unsuspecting customers are caught out when their fright is damaged by companies that are not ensured against natural disasters, acts of god or even simple shipping damage. At Rem International we ensure you goods are transported with the greatest of care and our comprehensive insurance guarantees any damage will be covered by us.

Storage warehousing and distribution

We place a high importance on the safe storage solutions for all of our customers regardless of industry or size/quantity of stored items. Rem-International can help your business warehouse and distribute your stored items whether it’s long term bulk storage or in partialized distribution.